LEDOUBLE meets the needs of decision-makers in situations where recourse to an independent expert or financial advisor is required, and is recognised in particular for its technical expertise in dealing with complex issues.
LEDOUBLE’s offer is organised around assignments centred on financial valuation and accounting expertise:
• Independent expertise: fairness opinion in the context of market transactions or contractual assignments
• Valuation of financial and intangible assets: valuation of securities and valuation of trademarks, patents and know-how
• Option valuation: valuation of option products, management packages, complex financial instruments
• Contribution and merger audit: certification of the fairness of mergers/divestments, assessment of the value of contributions and special benefits
• Litigation assistance: assessment of damages and loss of opportunity, contractual or unfair competition disputes, economic analyses, price adjustment clauses, discrepancies in employee profit-sharing calculations, interpretation of the application of accounting standards, etc.
• Contractual or statutory audit
Our ethical rules ensure that our clients have confidence in us. As a result, our partners are frequently appointed as experts to set transaction prices or as mediators or arbitrators.
Our team is made up of professionals specialising in accounting and financial engineering, with a wide range of technical, sectoral and linguistic skills, enabling us to operate in a wide range of fields, both in France and internationally.
In order to keep abreast of developments affecting their professional practice, LEDOUBLE’s partners and associates are actively involved in discussions at institutional and association level.
LEDOUBLE is a founder member of the Association Professionnelle des Experts Indépendants (APEI) and a member of the Société Française des Évaluateurs (SFEV).