Founded in 1979, PROREVISE is an independent audit firm of 12 highly qualified professionals, which supports and assists companies with their valuation issues, the resolution of financial disputes and legal and contractual audits. Our human-sized team includes 7 chartered accountants and statutory auditors, 4 of whom are also judicial experts before the Paris Court of Appeal, making the firm a recognised player in the field of assistance with valuations and litigation. The firm carries out company valuations within legal, contractual and judicial frameworks. The firm relies on tools tailored to these assignments, constant monitoring of the methodologies used by valuers, regulations and regular monitoring of market developments, and offers its clients a reliable and independent opinion. The firm is committed to providing its clients with the most appropriate response to their problems, with responsiveness, rigour and independence, in compliance with the professional and ethical standards applicable to these assignments. PROREVISE is a member of APEI and CCEF and several of its partners are members of SFEV.

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